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Microscopy: Grade 5-8 (Paperback)

Microscopy: Grade 5-8 Cover Image
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This book enables students to make observations using the eye, hand lenses and compound microscopes. The focus is, however, on the compound microscope. Students will learn important skills for observing, recording observations, and manipulating a compound microscope. Once these skills are established, students will explore the amazing microscopic world of minerals, humans, single-celled organisms, plants and animals. A variety of mounting techniques will allow the students to examine both living and non-living samples in ethically sensitive ways.

Each section also includes an independent investigation based on the section topic. A number of suggested questions are provided, but the students are encouraged to choose questions of their own and use the microscopes as scientists would. These independent investigations could be the basis for science fair projects.

These independent science projects also incorporate skills from fine arts, language arts, and social studies.

Skill Activities:

  • Look Closely
  • Using a Hand Lens
  • Making and Recording Observations
  • Microscope Anatomy
  • Caring for Your Microscope
  • Focusing the Microscope
  • Changing the Lens
  • Observing Objects in Three Dimensions
  • Using Top and Bottom Lighting
  • Handling Small Objects
  • Dry Mounting Method
  • Wet Mounting
  • Making Section Mounts
  • Using Stains


Physical Science:

  • Letters Up Close
  • Which Paper Is Which?
  • Sand Mystery
  • Rock Classification
  • Crystal Shapes
  • Growing Crystals
  • Soil Sampling
  • Physical Science Independent Investigation

Human Science:

  • Making a Cheek Smear
  • Observing Blood
  • Comparing Fingerprints
  • Hair Mystery
  • Human Science Independent Investigation

Single-Celled Organism Science:

  • Growing Yeast
  • Examining Bacteria
  • Single-Celled Organisms Independent Investigation

Animal Science:

  • Observing Microscopic Animals
  • Investigating Insects
  • Aging Fish
  • Animal Science Independent Investigation

Plant Science:

  • Exploring Celery Cells
  • Looking at Leaves
  • Examining Roots
  • Observing Pollen
  • Spice Mystery
  • Plant Science Independent Investigation

Assessment and Evaluation:

  • Student Rubrics
  • Group Work Rubric
  • Short Answer Class Checklist
  • Independent Investigation Rubric

Extras Include:

  • Vocabulary List
  • Materials List
  • Cross-Curricular Extensions
  • Microscope Term and Function Mix and Match
  • Microscopy Crossword

Product Details
ISBN: 9781550352771
ISBN-10: 1550352776
Publisher: On the Mark Press
Publication Date: May 15th, 2013
Pages: 98
Language: English