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Teamflow: The Science of Creating Positive Leadership Practices with IMPACT (Hardcover)

Teamflow: The Science of Creating Positive Leadership Practices with IMPACT Cover Image
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"In this book, a master of optimal performance becomes a student of optimal performance. If you want to understand and create excellence in a human collective, this volume is a precious gift. Cherish it, and it will take you where conventional minds cannot go."


University of Michigan, Center for Positive Organizations

People want to be masters of their own destiny, but few become great leaders.
As continuous improvement and breakthroughs have driven innovation, technology, and civilizations forward for centuries, worker motivations have changed. We want authentic connection, work-life balance, and intrinsic purpose now more than ever. How can we weave foundational, people-driven attributes like hard work, initiative, and cooperation into a team, group, or organization's internal structure so it can thrive sustainably?
We all want a dream team-built with and by members that are always in the zone, utilize seamless communication strategies, work with an openness and willingness to play toward everyone's strengths, and have boundless creativity. This is rarely, if ever, the case. Studies have shown time and time again that forging a culture of trust, collaboration, and deep concern for others produces remarkable outcomes. But people are often blinded by the negatives, and may forget to look to the future with hope, respect, and positivity.
David Drews doesn't offer miracle solutions to your leadership challenges, because there are none. Leadership, good leadership, is hard-won and consciously maintained. It's built on self-discipline, concentration, and empathy. And it all starts with a positive mindset. Adopting the learnings of Positive Organizational Scholarship, a step-by-step philosophy for leaders to build effective teams and organizations, goes a long way in increasing productivity, optimizing every person's performance, and avoiding both leadership and employee burnout. Teamflow builds the habits that lead to better solutions, better workplaces, and better results-achieving IMPACT.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781954020498
ISBN-10: 195402049X
Publisher: Per Capita
Publication Date: July 1st, 2022
Pages: 250
Language: English