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Commodity Trading: Trading Made Easy (Professional #1) (Paperback)

Commodity Trading: Trading Made Easy (Professional #1) Cover Image


Commodity Trading presents a fascinating insight into how our global industry actually works by interconnecting aspects of nation states, government policy, geopolitics and global events whether man-made or natural. Trading and investing in commodities can be complex, exciting and challenging, full of opportunities and risks. This comprehensive book explores the many different ways of investing in commodities, for instance via futures contracts, ETFs or direct investment in listed companies. We will discover the individual characteristics of the most traded commodities and compare how they do or do not correlate with one another. We will also analyse various types of commodities exchanges, kinds of commodities broker, and a take a close look at the raw commodities themselves: where they are extracted, how they are transported and where they are based worldwide. Commodity Trading includes in-depth sections on: Commodity Basics, Trading Commodities, Why Trade Commodities?, Commodity Indexes, Trading Strategies, Technical Trading Concepts, Energy, Metals, Agriculture, Grains Food and Fiber, Calculating Returns and Risks. Features include easy to read English language, clear explanations, 100 colour infographics and charts. 216 pages packed with useful relevant information, and exclusive up-to-date custom research from Hayward Hudson Ltd. Our guides are written by our successful and experienced trading team and are based on practical trading 'hands-on' investing approaches. Expected outcomes include a solid all-round knowledge of the subject, plus an introduction to simple, intermediate and advanced concepts.Hayward Hudson was born out of the 2007/2008 financial crisis. We knew back in 2006 there was something very wrong with the economy and housing sector. We anticipated a global crash a year before it happened, setting up Hayward Hudson Capital and understanding how the global economy started to put itself back together in 2009.What alarmed us greatly during this time was how little most ordinary people could do during the crisis except watch their assets plunge or be wiped out. Meanwhile traders who knew how to short, use options, leverage or time the market made record profits.Instead, high street customers are were stuck with simple investment vehicles run by bank representatives who did not understand economics, global markets, or what was actually was happening. Consequently, most people had nowhere to go when the markets go down. But the profits for those who knew how to trade went up a lot.We think this situation is unacceptable, especially given the recurring nature of financial crashes. Moreover, we think the next coming financial crash is going to be worse than the last and hurt more people too.We believe that it is critical that people start to arm themselves, and take control of their own investments rather than relying on middlemen. The only way to do this is through self-education and self-responsibility.This is why we created Hayward Hudson. Anyone can trade but to trade well you need to understand how different aspects of trading and markets come together and connect. We have therefore carefully designed a series that eventually covers every conceivable form of investment and trading.Our passion is education, independence, and empowerment. Please sign up and stay connected to be a part of this growing network. We welcome you aboard.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781976903311
ISBN-10: 1976903319
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: October 11th, 2018
Pages: 218
Language: English
Series: Professional