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An American in Pandemic Paris. A Coming-of-Retirement-Age Memoir (Paperback)

An American in Pandemic Paris. A Coming-of-Retirement-Age Memoir Cover Image
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Fresh from an 'eat-pray-love' adventure in Costa Rica and trying desperately to mend her broken heart, Michelle was in Paris in March 2020 with a decision to make. Stay indefinitely or return to one of two homelands: a polarized and chaotic U.S. or a let's-pretend-everything's-normal-even-though-it-isn't Sweden? After two weeks in Paris, Michelle's choice was clear, persuaded by President Macron's reassuring leadership and the imagined thrill of frolicking in a tourist-free Paris. A series of incremental incidents that left her 'stranded' in France without income converted Michelle's two-month stay for camaraderie, cuisine, and culture into a transformative sixteen-month journey of self-discovery, path realignment, romantic adventure, and a deeper relationship with the City of Light, one often haunted by memories of her rich, insouciant ex-lover, Trocad ro Man.

Join Michelle the Art Historian as she explores the jasmine-scented streets of Paris, navigates the world of senior dating, weekends with aristocrats, winters on the C te d'Azur, and converses with her favorite artworks. Meet the new people in her world--Puzzle Man of Montparnasse, Amazing Accordionist, Madame Chocolat, Jim the Expat, and Caroline the Professor--who made her (first) pandemic year one of metamorphosis and joy.

Product Details
ISBN: 9798218009021
Publisher: Pouthier Press
Publication Date: November 22nd, 2022
Pages: 284
Language: English