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世界的大千 张大千绘画精品集萃 Chang Dai-Chien A Cosmopolitan and H (Hardcover)

世界的大千 张大千绘画精品集萃 Chang Dai-Chien A Cosmopolitan and H Cover Image
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Chang Dai-chien, deservedly the "Dai-chien of the World," has drawn the "Dai-chien World," and his name and paintings have soared worldwide and presented a wonderful art world.

Throughout the ages, Chang Dai-Chien has been the world's only treasure. Therefore, valuing the study and dissemination of Chang Dai-Chien's art is both a need of humanistic history and a responsibility of scholars and experts.

The book presented to the readers, " Chang Dai-Chien: a cosmopolitan and his best works," is headed by Mr. Cheng Enrong, an expert in Chang Dai-Chien's research with domestic and international influence; edited by Mr. Pang Hui, consultant of the International Cultural Exchange Center of Jiangsu Province, China, and researcher of the China Chang Dai-Chien Research Center; Mr. Luo Zongliang, former director of the Chang Dai-Chien Research Center, wrote the preface for the book; Mr. Chang Dai-Chien Professor Yang Kun, Director of Chang Dai-Chien Research Center, gave guidance; Mr. Tao Shiwen, a Chinese Art critic, interpreted each of the selected works, and Mr. Wang Shihua, who specializes in the research of Chang Dai-Chien's artworks, sorted by the year of Chang Dai-Chien's creation and made a professional summary for each stage of creation style.

Each collection piece in this book has an authoritative interpretation and artistic analysis, forming distinct features and highlights. From his early figuration to the impression, and then from the impression to the abstraction in his later years, every step of the leap has achieved world-renowned artistic achievements. This step-by-step leap also realized Chang Dai-Chien's transition from a "Chinese painter" to a "world painter ."His life trajectory and artistic context perfectly made him a "Dai-Chien of the world."

This book was carefully selected and assembled by a team of professionals. Starting from a chronology throughout the professional commentary and grouped by period panels, it forms a selected monograph that integrates tools, appreciation, materials, and information. As a result, it provides a valuable model for experts and scholars worldwide and followers and enthusiasts who love Chang Dai-Chien's art.

Product Details
ISBN: 9798987135303
Publisher: Eastwest Art Culture & Education Center
Publication Date: October 18th, 2022
Pages: 244
Language: English